#DoItForTheGram : Selfie Poses

If you have Instagram, eyeballs, and follow a conglomerate of twenty-somethings, acquaintances, bloggers and celebrities, you’ve probably seen these goofy selfies. People squatting, hands together in a prayer position and covering  their faces in a casual manner, yet intricately posed. If that’s the case, then you –like me– were left wondering; “Did I miss the retro rapper memo?”. Pray tell me I’m not alone here, someone else must’ve noticed.

Let us begin the decomposition of the–slightly overdone–poses, what they mean, where they come from, and why the hell people are bringing them back?

Rap Squat

In the past months the rap squat gathered quite the momentum. It became a full-blown internet phenomenon, both from celebrities (Whiz Kalifa, Rihanna, Justin Bieber…) to Makeup and style bloggers –yes, we see you ladies–, to regular janes in heels, goofing around in front of their full length mirrors, and probable face-planting once or twice (#doitforthegram).

To all the people who put their butt close to the ground for the sake of a picture, I want to ask, are you doing this in homage of some of history’s greatest rap squatters? Or did you just see the pose in a Kylie Jenner selfie and decided to give it a go? –join us on the bandwagon, we’re all guilty of copying her ever-so-sexy style.

Indeed the, usually just a squat, is a pose that gained prominence in prison. Yes, it was the go-to pose for gang members/prison gangs, as it makes you look more “menacing”. A ton of rappers in the 90s/2000s would utilize the prison pose for album photoshoots.

Squats on the edge of the bath, on the counter, in the street…

The prayer pose

The prison pose became augmented with the “prayer hands” (two de facto rap poses btw), usually accompanied with the caption #thankful


People love shared experiences, or so has the internet taught us. That’s why hashtags like #blessed #thankful and later on the emoji itself, sparked the revival of the pose. You see it a couple of times, emulate it, and it snowballs.

It’s human nature to copy, but how we came to be copying gangster rappers like Biggie, N.W.A. and Wu Tang Clan  at Disney World or outside school? …oh the mysteries of the internet.

The hand in face

As simple as it is complex, I read this article unpicking why kids were covering their faces with their hands in pictures, and as baffled as I was, I couldn’t help but remember the carefully placed finger on face –or T Rexpose that girls know all-too-well (another thing we have the Kardashian clan to thank for).

Anyways, as a brand that loves the influence of hip hop culture ourselves, we thought we’d discuss the topic and give our appreciation of the rap influence in our selfie game. The poses might seem simple, but try squatting without falling, or covering your face without looking like you’re sniffing your fingers…the prayer pose, well that one’s just downright easy. Give it up to the influx of rap poses in magazine shoots, celebrity selfies and street style photography.

We are but women, and how to show our appreciation for something on the hollow internet? Thank you are but a couple of empty words, said too often. How to show you guys that we are thankful for you other than by displaying it?

There you go, I emote the reverence for you, dear readers

[insert selfie]


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