From One #goaldigger to Another

The main difference between a gold digger and a goal digger is that the latter digs in, does the work and tackles her biggest goals… this chick, ultimately, gets things done.

So if you identify with the latter, I salute you girl! You’re part of the team! Come on in…

A goal digger knows her worth, she cares, not about the present, but about what she wants and how to achieve it. We #girlbosses -thanks Sophia Amoruso for coining the perfect term-, understand that we can get sh!t done, and we’re not stopping till we get there.

As opposed to a gold digger, we’re not looking for a man to take us places. We don’t need a man, but we will stay around if he has something to offer, something that complements us. So I asked a couple of successful, strong independent women who… may or may not need no man, what makes a #girlboss? How do we get there?

We caught up with Rebecca Minkoff, self-made handbag and accessories designer, Hillary Kerr, queen of the digital fashion world and one end of the duo behind WHOWHATWEAR, Byrdie, Glossier, Obsessee, and more brands, and our very own Flow -Florence Adepoju- our founding mother and in-house lipstick guru. 


These girls started huge businesses from the ground up. Maybe they didn’t have all the expertise, or the fancy MBA or the fame, but they made it anyway, so who better to give us an insider scoop than these #goaldiggers?

Starting a business, setting up a website or passion project can be daunting, even more so when you think you don’t have what it takes.

“I’ve heard many greater than me say nothing really prepares you for it”, mentions Flow. “We used to think, neither of us has a business background, and neither of us know how to code” says Hillary Kerr, about starting her digital site, WHOWHATWEAR in the heyday of fashion print magazines, alongside her partner Katherine Power, “I remember thinking, can we even do this? We don’t even know how to do a business plan!”

And her advice to tackle this might be, surprisingly, simpler than you think; “Google it!”.

“The first time we got a Request for Proposal, which is what someone sends you so that you can create an advertising plan for them, we had to google what it was! We didn’t even know!”, confessed Hillary.

Slowly, but surely, you’ll figure things out, “The hard way”, she reminds us. Hillary Kerr says that an entrepreneurial spirit is way more important to have, than the exact background you might think you need. “ So much of business, I have found, is common sense. And following your gut.”

New York-based designer Rebecca Minkoff agreed, “When you’re starting out you don’t have anything else but your gut” she says, “and guess what? If you fail, you pick yourself up and do it again. You keep going!”

Don’t be afraid to mess up!

Because you will! And it will probably be bad. But Hillary Kerr reminds us that “nothing is ever so bad that you can’t fix it”. So apologize, keep calm, and carry on.

And there lies the biggest issue. With starting, and up keeping a business, the key is to carry on. It might be easier to give up and walk away. Some will mess up and think oh, this is not for me!

“I think the most important thing is to love THE HELL out of what you’re starting”  suggests Hillary, “because when you start, you’ll be working 24/7, 362 days a year.” So how do you keep going without breaks, and without vacation? “If you really love it, you work harder than you ever thought was possible”, she adds. MDMFlow founder, Flow, agrees, in her experience; “Passion, determination and drive count for a lot. But most important is your vision.”

“I have to unequivocally believe I can do it. Like the saying goes: You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.” -Florence Adepoju.


So there you have it, mess up, ask, apologize, learn, and carry on. More problems will come along the way. Some you might not think have a solution. But; make👏  it 👏  work👏  

“You just gotta figure it out” says Rebecca, “No one teaches you that. You just have to be resourceful and figure things out.

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