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How to slay on V-day…

We all know what time of the year it is. As soon as the month of January winds down, and February is in close view, whispers of dinner dates and hotel bookings are at the forefront of our minds. Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, suddenly, pictures of 100 red roses are filled on our Instagram timelines and our Gmail inboxes are flooded with discounted spa days for two from Groupon.


With all those little reminders, it’s hard to not want to do anything; even for us singletons! So I have decided to dish out some hair and lip tips as scenarios, for any lady that is ready to slay on February 14th. Whether you are being wined and dined by your partner of 4 years, or going on your first ever date with someone you met on POF, or even if you are going on a “we hate guys” girls’ night out!


In a relationship?


This one is for you off-the-market ladies who have already booked valentine’s day off work, made sure your nails are manicured and have strict instructions from your man to be ready by 8pm. One lipstick you must rock is Sweet Escape and here is why…


Your man is already aware as to how glamourous you can be when it’s time to go all out, you’ve been with him a while and now you are comfortable. This lipstick is far from ordinary, so shock him with this subtle nude lip, keep him guessing as to whether that is your natural lips slaying all night and make him want to take it off before the bill has even reached the table. This lip colour also goes well with bum-length boxed braids, a sexy black dress and killer heels.


First date fever?


You have made a conscious decision to change your love life status and this can be daunting to say the least. Don’t panic ladies, it is scientifically proven somewhere in the world, that men are more romantic in February (I made that up lol).


Nevertheless, you’ve picked the right day for a first date in my opinion because everyone is looking for love. You are meeting him in a bar to start off the night, you’ve told him to wear all black and bring along the jacket he was wearing in the profile picture that made you swipe right. This is how you will know it’s really him and not a catfish. You enter the room with your faux locs and popping lips covered in Supreme New matte. He notices you, gives you eye contact and you usher your way through the crowded venue. He gives you a hug almost instantly and leans in as if about to kiss your lips. The lips you spent 15 minutes on from lip primer to the little highlight on your cupid’s bow. Here is where you back away and smile, thinking to yourself, “I know I killed it tonight”. The rest of the night should be a breeze, just remember to carry your lipstick with you in case you give into the kiss at the end of the night.



Date? More like ladies’ night


The pre-drinks are already chilling in your fridge, your house is the meeting spot and tonight is the night you plan to dance like there is no work tomorrow. Beyoncé – ‘Run The World’ is playing on full blast in the background, and you are just burning the final braid that completes your bob cut box braids.


The doorbell rings and it’s your bestie at the door with Prosecco in one hand and Mas Marina in the other. You know it’s going down tonight and the way you plan to slay may end your night with a phone number, (or two)!


Be bold, after all Valentine’s day can be spent with your girls (the ones that are single at least) and you can get up to whatever you want. Just make sure that your lips are always on point!

After all, lipstick will never break your heart or let you down!



Happy Valentine’s Day #GirlGang.

Love, MDMflow x


  • Faith Apejoye
    Posted at 17:49h, 14 February Reply

    Girl thank you I’m definitely gonna use it my man is going to be soooo happy yassss #SlayyforV-day❤

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