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Locate shot glass. Insert lips. Suck.

The rising popularity of lip-enhancing procedures begs the question; How safe are they?

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We see them everywhere. Models, movie stars and bloggers alike, are obsessed with them. Sumptuous, lust-inducing lips have always been a thing. And we’d be lying if we said we don’t love the look too. The ever-present trend of the full lip look is not new. But lately, the growing popularity of a certain reality TV star, has also put lip-enhancing procedures under the spotlight.

Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself, not just in the entertainment business, but in the beauty industry too. With hoards of women trying to emulate her perfect contour, her brows, her style…

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The beauty mogul –who may or may not be responsible for the lip injection craze of the last months– recently admitted to getting lip fillers in an interview with The New York Times, and more than a few have run to the internet to find a solution for their pout.

The rising popularity of these injections –not only amongst starlets– but amongst teens and makeup consumers altogether, begs the question; How safe are they?

We spoke to Gaby – Miami-based makeup artist, beauty educator and Instagram sensation– who told us that she has always been obsessed with big lips; “I love Angelina Jolie’s lips since I can remember”.

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Gaby recurred to the many methods that a lot of us have tried as well, before she went under the needle and filled in those lips professionally. “For years I overdrew them…but it wasn’t the same”. Oh, don’t we know the struggle.

Lip liners, plumping lip glosses, serums… my grandma even told me once that back in the day they’d use ice to irritate the lips and make them look fuller. We’ve tried it all. So… for those of you out there pondering the pros and cons of fillers, here’s Gaby’s experience.

“It’s really important that readers are aware that this kind of procedure needs to be done by someone qualified to do so”, she mentions. And adds that of course, “good results are not easy to get” so find someone with a lot of experience and proper training.

It surprised us to know that she’s not just a makeup artist and social media queen, but also a dentist, and as such, understands just how important it is to be extremely careful. “There’s a lot of dangerous materials out there”, she comments about the type of liquid injected into someone’s face.

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We spoke to New York city-based plastic surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta, expert in clinician-administered treatments of cosmetic procedures, to know what lies on the other end of the scales. We wanted to make sure that administering synthetic substances into your face is healthy, safe and will ultimately, make you look beautiful and feel more confident.

Dr. Liotta told us that Lip fillers are generally very safe, but she did stress that they are so, “particularly when injected by board certified physicians.” She mentioned that it is possible to have some swelling, bruising and maybe even bumps. “Although these side effects are not too hard to break through, it really does depend on the quality of the product inserted” said Dr. Liotta.

The growing demand for a cheap fix has brought users to recur to at-home lip injections, uncertified technicians applying ubiquitous products and there are even cases of patients who bought injection fillers on eBay and applied them themselves following youtube tutorials! –we wish we were kidding. Not to mention the ridiculous #kyliejennerchallenge that was going around a couple of years ago, leaving girls with swollen, irritated lips after –against medical advice and basic reasoning– people were inserting their lips in shot glasses and sucking.

Some cases even required stitches to repair the serious damage!

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It’s important to stress that these sketchy options can cause severe consequences on your beautiful face! Dead tissue, bumps and fibrosis are just some of them. In the worst cases, you would need to undergo a serious surgery to get rid of dead tissue or an infection. What should be a relatively simple injection can have severe complications so please don’t try it at home kids!

As much as we do not want to encourage females to make drastic changes to their appearances –think about the physical risks and the mental anguish caused by botched operations– we support whichever decision will make you feel your best. We do, however, want you to be well-informed and want to reinforce that there is no necessity! Love the skin you’re in. Love the lips you got because they’ve gotten you through some seriously good kisses so far (not that we’d ever kiss and tell…).

So maybe, just get yourself a new lippie or slick on a new gloss… and save the pennies for an extra cocktail (or two).

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