Every year, a day that should be filled with love and happiness, is more and more so filled with bad memes about being alone with a (un)healthy dose of cynicism. Valentine’s Day.

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What is it about this day that gets people so riled up? Is it the tasteless teddy bears, set meals for two or the tongue-in-cheek cards with a pun about nuts or cheese on the front? These days, it seems like you should almost be ashamed to be in love, but at the same time should totally like want world peace yo’.

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I say sod you. This Valentine’s, eat it up in all its fluffy red heart, fondue-for-two glory. Wink at someone cute on the bus. Send your mum a card (as I have done for the last I don’t know how many years). Go on a #Galentine’s date.

But most importantly, #LoveYourself, because looking after number one really should be the most important. Buy the more expensive sandwich for lunch, and do a face mask whilst watching your favourite film.

Make this Valentine’s a happy one. You’re not going to be alone forever. You have great friends, family, a dog, a hamster, and your own bad self.
Feel the love, caring is cool.


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