#Mumspo; why Mums have always been #DoingTheMost

I will freely admit that I hero worship my Mum.

Honestly, I’m obsessed; the woman is a machine. She started her career life as a nurse, then started a successful laundry business, sold that, re-trained as a beautician and is now looking to going back into nursing. She doesn’t care about having to go back to learning, she’ll roll up her sleeves and get stuck in. Oh and she’s done all of this whilst bringing up five kids (I know FIVE) and getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 38. If that isn’t #DoingTheMost, I don’t know what is.
And it’s not just her ‘get-up-and-give-it-a-bloody-go’ attitude that inspires me. Flicking back through boxes of old photos, one thing is certain; my mum was a total 90s babe. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a total beauty queen now (she’s been known to travel in the car with hair rollers in).

We’re talking, Princess Di haircut, oversized sports jumpers (sorry that I still nick that blue one now), and the glossy make up. She’s still my go-to for fashion advice- I will always send her dressing room selfies with the accompanying ‘Mum does this look crap?’. I could tell with one look when I walked down the stairs when I was a teenager what she thought of my outfit (not that I always paid it any attention…).

So to kick off #Mumspo, a homage to all mums and motherly figures everywhere, I’m going to share with you ten of my Mum’s best pearls of wisdom:

1) Always make your bed in the morning. Getting into a properly made bed will make all the difference on the quality of your sleep.
2) Look after your skin, from head to toe. Always take off your make-up (yes even after a night out). Smother yourself in moisturiser and don’t forget your feet.

3) If you feel crap, get up and go for a walk, even if just for 10 minutes. You’ll feel calmer, fresher and more productive. In fact, walk as much as you can every day.

4) Sleep on it. Things always look better in the morning.

5) Always put cotton wool in a small wicker basket #MumThings.

6) Take time over breakfast in the mornings. Make porridge slowly, smother it in toppings and eat it with a big mug of tea and a good book. Setting up your day well will make all the difference in your mood for the day.
7) If you put on an outfit and don’t feel comfortable in it, don’t wear it. Nothing worse than standing shifting and tugging on your clothes awkwardly all night. On that note, sod it wear flats- better for dancing anyway.
8) Things worth spending money on: shoes (cheap shoes will ruin your feet), bedding (who doesn’t love soft sheets), pans, knives and a good can opener (it will make cooking so much more enjoyable).
9) Things absolutely always work out in the end. Keep on truckin’.
10) Don’t ask a man to do something. It’ll only cause you stress. Do it yourself if you want it done properly.

These things may not seem life-changing, but they 100% improve your general wellbeing which in turn, make you happier, and just generally not such a mardy git to be around. University of Mum has taught me far more about life than any £9000/year course.


So Mum, thank-you for your quiet but constant presence in the darker times, for not fussing and letting me figure things out for myself. Thank you for always leaving the hall lamp on for me when I get home late, for teaching me how to cook a roast dinner and iron a shirt by the age of 12. Thank you for letting me steal your clothes and not whinging (too much).
In return, I will always cook and clean and do all the washing and ironing for you when I come home for the weekend. I will talk you through and fix all your technical problems, no matter how simple they are or how many times we have to go through it. I will always pamper and spoil you whenever you come to visit, and I will always always bang on about how bloody great you are to anyone who will listen, because you are my wonder woman.

Here’s to all Mums everywhere, who were #DoingTheMost before we even knew what it meant.



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