Nude clothes to match your lips

The nude trend is one that doesn’t seem to be shifting anytime soon. So we put together a lookbook featuring some of our favourite brands, so that you can match your outfit to your lippie #matchymatchy.


1. “I really really can’t be arsed today” ft Sweet Escape

For those days when getting dressed seems like effort, new brand on the block Nünude have created the perfect answer- a soft and cosy faux suede tracksuit. If you’ve not heard about Nünude; founders Vaby and Joanne met at college and founded the brand to help re-define the word nude (they literally did- they started a campaign to change the definition of “nude” in the Oxford dictionary, and won). They know that nude can mean a whole variety of different shades and tones and so have created not just underwear, but clothes to try and solve this. Their campaign image went viral in December, shared by a host of celebs including Tyra Banks.
Team this with a pair of Converse Nude Collection trainers, and a slash of Sweet Escape across the lips, for the ultimate in ‘don’t care’ comfort wear.


2. “I’m by the pool and hungover af- don’t look at me” ft Retro

It’s midday. You’re by the pool (Tooting Lido counts okay) you got a bit too over-zealous with the 2-4-1 cocktail offer last night and you’re seriously regretting it. BUT at least you can still look a million quid with this ensemble.
Chuck on your Nünude cozzie (it’s reversible as well- two outfits in one, such a bargain), these lush little shorts and sunnies from one of our fave retailers, Pretty Little Thing, and a finish with our pinky nude Retro. It lasts 8 hours so is completely ice cream and cocktail proof, for when you inevitably get back on the horse *sigh*.


3. ” I guess I should go on my quarterly night out to prove I am young and wild and free” ft Bossy


It’s the weekend, and that time when you should probably go out and make questionable life choices with the rest of the population (it’s okay next week you can go back to wearing elasticated waist bands and ordering 4 different types of deliveroo). Rock swimwear as outer-wear (comfort amirite) and amp it up with these cheeky thigh-high split trousers from PLT. Line your lips with a true 90s deep brown liner, and slick on Bossy. Team with glossy lids and your best dancing shoes.


4. “I’ve got a hot date with myself/girlfriend(s)/boyfriend/mum” ft New Nude

A hot date can be anything these days, who needs a reason to dress up?
Ultimate babe Maya Jama has done a collaboration with House of CB, and we’re crushing on this tassled skirt. Team with a Matte brand bodysuit, and New Nude on the lips, our best-selling nude Liquid Matte Lipstick.


And for the ultimate in Nude lingerie, visit Nubian Skin, a fellow British brand that also champions diversity, and ensures that you have the right tone bra to go under your new foxy white dress…

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