You spoke, we heard ya ladies! Foundation Survey Results

At MDMflow, our badass community of #GetItGirls mean #TheMost and we value your opinion and input into our product development.


And so, a couple of weeks ago, we put out the feelers out for a foundation project, to gather all of your wise thoughts and opinions, to help shape the plan for MDMflow’s future. Seen as so many of you answered, we thought it was only fair to share the results!


Foundation is such a personal and staple item of a woman’s make-up bag. 52% of you wear it every day, and 27% of you wear it 2-3 times a week. A product worn this often needs to be well thought out and we will do our utmost to put every bit of MDMflow love, care, and science into it.


The most popular finish for a foundation was a fairly even split between 37% preferring a natural finish and 36% preferring a matte/velvet finish. The solution? Perhaps a foundation with a natural finish, but with definite shine control properties to help keep you all looking and feeling like J-Lo all day.


The most valued property you all felt was important to have in a foundation was colour match with 91.2% of you selecting it as one of your three choices. Sadly, it is also one of your biggest foundation frustrations with 45% of you answering that finding the right shade is one of your biggest issues. Pigment technology and the world of colour fascinates us and is at the core of MDMflow and so we will put blood, sweat and tears into researching skin tones and how we can adjust pigments to create the perfect, most flattering shades.

The skin-feel and texture of a foundation was also one of your most important attributes, and we want to create something that is silky, blend-able, hydrating and feels comfortable sitting on your skin all day.


The product development process is long, frustrating, often very trying, and well call us masochists, but we love it.

We always strive to be honest with you, our beloved girl gang, and we thank you for your support and input to MDMflow. You inspire us, teach us and drive us forward.
So watch this space, we’re hustlin’ for you.


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